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This is how I've spent my Christmas break; don't worry, it wasn't all work and no play.
The photos below are in order; I started December 22nd with the water-proofing (Schluter-Kerdi).

The shower dimensions are as follows: 2 back walls are 4ft and the side walls are 2ft which makes for a really nice sized shower.

I purchased a 48"x48" Schluter Shower Kit with the stainless steal drain from Tile Experts; the price was about $75 less that what I saw at the local tile shops and Home Depot. Unfortunately there wasn't enough Kerdi (waterproof membrane) to complete the project, so I had to spend another $150 at Home Depot to continue working as the local tile shop was closed during the holidays.

Schluter says to use Un-Modified thinset to apply Kerdi to the substrate and the tiles to Kerdi. John Bridge recommends the lightly modified thinset from CustomBlend, but this voids the Schluter warranty. I went with CustomBlend Premium Un-Modified thinset; when mixed properly, it almost had a consistancy that looked "gluey". If you are going to use UnModified thinset, make sure it's the premium stuff.

You will see that I'm not quite done yet, but mostly there. I had to rip out the shampoo shelf once because I didn't like it the first time, and I've made a minor mistake with the layout of the floor tiles which will go mostly unnoticed (I hope). Basically, I should have treated the drain like a tile and added the grout spacing around it but instead I abutted the 2 tiles against it. sigh. Always learning the hard-way. I think it will look ok though, it just means I need to have one row of tiles narrower than the rest. Because the slate is multi-colored and uneven naturally, I'm hoping that it won't be that noticable in the finished product.

PC220062.JPG PC220063.JPG PC220064.JPG PC220065.JPG PC220066.JPG PC220067.JPG PC220068.JPG PC220069.JPG PC220072.JPG PC250073.JPG PC250074.JPG PC250075.JPG PC250076.JPG PC260077.JPG PC260078.JPG PC260080.JPG PC260081.JPG PC260082.JPG PC280083.JPG PC280084.JPG PC280085.JPG PC280086.JPG

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