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The photo section was put here primarily to share photos with my friends and family. This site existed long before there was a facebook, photobucket, instagram or whatever your favorite image-sharing service is. Besides, I don't want anyone else to "own" my images, so yeah, the images you find here are mine and you need to ask permission to use them (like you're going to want to, and if you do, as if you will).

Just another SilverStar biking weekend. Good times.

Videos of Elo riding skinny teeter-totters:
Attempt one
Attempt two
P7250948.JPG P7250949.JPG P7250950.JPG P7250951.JPG P7250957.JPG P7250958.JPG P7250973.JPG P7250974.JPG P7250975.JPG P7250976.JPG P7250977.JPG P7250978.JPG P7250979.JPG P7250980.JPG P7250984.JPG P7250985.JPG P7250986.JPG P7250987.JPG P7250988.JPG P7250989.JPG P7250991.JPG P7250992.JPG P7251005.JPG P7251006.JPG P7251007.JPG P7251008.JPG P7251009.JPG P7251010.JPG P7251011.JPG P7251012.JPG P7251013.JPG P7251014.JPG P7251015.JPG P7251016.JPG P7251017.JPG P7251018.JPG P7251019.JPG P7251020.JPG P7251021.JPG P7251022.JPG P7251023.JPG P7251024.JPG P7251025.JPG P7251042.JPG P7251043.JPG P7251045.JPG P7251046.JPG P7251047.JPG P7251048.JPG P7251049.JPG P7251050.JPG P7251051.JPG P7251052.JPG P7251053.JPG P7251054.JPG P7251055.JPG P7251056.JPG P7251057.JPG P7251058.JPG P7251059.JPG P7251060.JPG P7251061.JPG P7251062.JPG P7251063.JPG P7251064.JPG P7251065.JPG P7251066.JPG P7251067.JPG P7251068.JPG P7251070.JPG

Bike Photos
My Harley

Bear Creek
Ego-Juan de Fuca Backpacking
Ego-Kayak-Broken Group Islands
Ego-Kootneys To Jasper
Ego-Rafting with Lardeu River Adventures
Keystone MTB

West Coast Trail Hike
British Virgin Islands Sailing Trip

Della Heli Bike

Hillbilly Fall Trail Day
Bute Inlet
Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta!

Cat's Ass Trail Work
Illecillewaet and Silver Star (July)
Silver Star Riding (July)
Gillard Riding (June)
Thailand 2010

Elo's Kayak Trip - August 2009
Bathroom Reno - Shower
2008 Ranger
Our Yard - June 2009

Purgola and Fence

Shop - Step 1 - Excavating
Shop - Step 2 - Footings
Shop - Step 3 - Wall Forms
Shop - Step 4 - Walls Poured
Shop - Step 5 - Sewer and Backfilled
Shop - Step 6 - Framing and Roof
Shop - Step 7 - Plumbing Part 1
Shop - Step 8,9 - Shingles and Slab
Shop - Step 10 - Interior Framing and stuff
Shop - Step 11 - Interior Insulation
Shop - Step 12 - Shower
McDougal Rim
Landscaping 1 - Pool Removal and New Deck
Crawford Ride (Fall)
Gillard Maintenance Day

Whistler (Canada Day Long Weekend)

Merry Christmas 2005
The entry door!
New Table & Floor Preparation
House Upgrade - Trim and new door
House Upgrade - Euroline Windows
September 17/18 WBB Revelstoke Trip
Sweet Ride & House Upgrades
BC Long Weekend 2005
July 2005 - Misc
Smith Creek with John, Kakunen, and I
May Long Weekend 2005
April 2005 - Misc
Crawford Hike (2005-02-27)
Knox Mountain Ride (2005-02-26)
Entrance-way Tile Project (2005-01-26)
Entrance-way Tile Project (2005-01-23)
Entrance-way Tile Project (2005-01-12)
New Flooring (2005-01-06)

Crawford (2004-10-02/03)
Silver Star Mountain (2004-08-02)
Illecillewaet Hike (07-18-2004)
David Jukema's Photos - Visit to Kelowna
Gillard - Kerplop/Boss Hog (06-13-2004)
Power's Creek Ride (05-30-2004)
Spanky's Ride (05-16-2004)
Puppies - 6 weeks old (03-15-2004)
Puppy Update - 2 weeks old (02-17-2004)
The Puppies Have Arrived (02-02-2004)

Glenmore Highlands (10-05-2003)
Spanky's Ride (08-17-2003)
Okanagan Mt. Park Fire (08-18-2003)
Hike up to Little White (08-16-2003)
Misc (08-15-2003)
Pets - Nicky & Fish (08-12-2003)
Misc House Pictures (08-12-2003)
Summer Trip 2003 - Nakusp and Jasper

Snowboarding @ BigWhite
Our New Home
Estonia 2002
Fall Trip to Ainsworth

Main Photos
Crawford Trail/KVR (May 2001)
Moab, UT Trip (May 2001)
Kelowna, Cessna 150 flight (July 2001)
Vancouver Island with Elo, her parents and I (August 2001)
Jack Dempsey

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